About Us


The Farm

Picture of Blane tending to the cows in the pasture

Muranda Holsteins was founded by Tom and Nancy Murray in 1991. Back then the Murray family’s main focus was producing the highest quality milk out of high caliber cows. in 1997 the Murrays bred a cow that broke the world record for milk production. Muranda Oscar Lucinda produced 67,914 pounds of milk in just one year - that’s about 8500 gallons of milk.

In addition to providing the dairy industry with quality genetics, Muranda also won numerous awards for quality milk including earning the Dairy of Distinction recognition for over 25 years consecutively.

Today, their middle son Blane manages the daily operations of the dairy farm.


The Cheese

picture of cheese on tasting bar

Muranda Cheese Company was born in late 2007 when the Murray family decided it was time to direct market their products to consumers. Today the farm helps to produce over 17 types of cheeses that have been recognized for their superior artisanal quality.

When you visit Muranda Cheese Company you will have an opportunity to not only taste their cheeses, but also to experience the passion that the farm puts into the production of its products.


The Barn

Picture of barn

The Murray Family has become overwhelmed with the amount of visitors that have made their way to Muranda. In order to service this growing customer base the family made a decision to refurbish an old barn on their property. The barn, which is now known as The Dairy at Muranda, was originally built in the late 1800s and offers customers a unique Finger Lakes experience.

If you’d like to inquire about hosting an event at The Dairy at Muranda please visit our sister site, or contact Susie at events@murandacheese.com